Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Witch of Truth

Chapter 7
Chapter 8

This story is about a Witch of Truth, this story is about the great detective Erika Furudo.
Those who are used to happy endings where the good triumphs and the evil is defeated are invited to look elsewhere; because the main character of this novel is the worst kind of person, and this time no one and nothing will stop her. If you are looking for love, mercy or compassion, you will find none.
This is a heartless story, in a heartless world, filled with heartless characters, with the most heartless of all abusing the blade of truth to cause as much pain as possible.
If you derive pleasure from other people's misfortunes, you are most welcomed, your unsavory tastes will find abundance of delightful cases. Fell free to laugh with Erika and share her joy.
There is of course a murderer in this story and a mystery to be solved. But this isn't about murders, crimes and mysteries at all, this is about Erika Furudo, the Witch of Truth. If I wanted to show you a lion, I would show it in the savanna. If I wanted to show you a polar bear, I would show it in the icy lands of the arctic circle. For the same reason a story about Erika couldn't be anything else but a murder mystery, because that is her natural environment.
Feel free to challenge this mystery and feel free to challenge Erika by solving it before she does, but this is probably meaningless for you.

This story will include spoilers about
"Umineko no naku koro ni"
It is suggested that you read that first fom start 
to end, if you  wish to fully appreciate 
"Witch of Truth".
However that is not strictly necessary and
you might consider this a stand alone novel.

Do not let the urge to bang your head
against hard surfaces have the best of you.
Please, consider the damage you might
cause to your many little grey cells
before engaging in such unhealty activity.

This is a work of fiction.
Any resemblance to real people, events, etc.
is purely coincidental.

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