Monday, October 25, 2010

Update on the work in progress

I thought it was time to give you an update on the
current situation of W&W part 3, since it's also been
a long time from the last time I made a post, and this
was supposed to be finished a lot earlier. To think I
originally planned to release the whole thing before EP7...
what the hell was I thinking?!
To be honest I didn't expect at all that this would become
this long. It was supposed to be more or less like part 1...
the mere idea makes me laugh now...
Anyway! Current progress:

Belphegor's trial: FINISHED
Satan's trial: FINISHED
Leviathan's "trial": FINISHED
Lucifer's trial: FINISHED

Final Showdown: FINISHED
Epilogue: FINISHED

Compatibility Testing: FINISHED

Proofreading: FINISHED



Die The death!

Sentence to death!

Great equalizer is The Death!!

I'll take this chance to inform everyone that I made
a youtube channel for Witches & Woodlands.
Of course, if you are here, you probably don't need to watch
those videos (it's a lot better to play the game directly), but
if you care about it, I wrote some comments that might
interest you. Also you might want to watch this one:

It shows two easter eggs that you probably missed (5:33 and 5:47).
Oh and if you like W&W rate up the videos! Maybe if the rate
is high enough youtube will feature them or something.
There is no better reward for me than to know that my story is
being read and enjoyed by a lot of people.

So I'll take the chance to thanks everyone that helped
me to spread my works to the umineko fans community.


I cannot name everyone but I want to mention at least these sites:

Animesuki Forum - The whole USO DA series simply wouldn't exist
without it. This is also the place from where most people pass through
before getting here.

Animeraku - It was the first blog (that I know of) that made a review
about my yonkoma. And one year later it's still being read!

The visual novel database - Seriously, I feel out of place! I particularly thank
Roger Pepitone, who made the entry on this site. Roger Pepitone is also
the one who introduced me to the onscripter program. If I sticked
to mere graphic edits I could have never made W&W.

TV tropes - Lot of nice stuff there, it's cool to see my site has been listed.
Thanx Xellos08

TahYllis youtube channel - I actually made a link to his site as soon
as I created this blog. TahYllis has been a source of inspiration
for me and for many other umineko parodies.
But this time I'm thanking him for mentioning W&W in one
of his last videos! I was really happy when I saw that.