Friday, June 15, 2012

Chapter 1 (b)

Erika: "I'm somewhat disappointed, Dlanor, it looks like there's nothing of interest on the newspaper today. I was confident that in a such a perfect day something intellectually stimulating would spontaneously present itself before my eyes."

Dlanor: "Much to your chagrin, Miss Erika, murder cases in this country aren't very common."

Erika: "Indeed. And the few that occasionally happen are usually petty and trivial."

Rokudou: "Oh, that's unexpected. I was under the impression that the Mitsugi incident stimulated your curiosity enough, milady."

Erika: "Not particularly. If my hunch is correct, and it rarely isn't, the culprit isn't anyone that can prove to be a match in an intellectual challenge against me. The MPD must have fallen really low, if they deemed necessary my intervention on this matter. Though I admit that I hoped to find news regarding that crime today."

Rokudou: "In that case I'm delighted to announce that they just called a few minutes ago. The preparations are complete and your contact is ready to meet you. They said that you'll be granted access to all the informations they gathered so far."

Erika: "Finally! I was wondering how much longer would they make me wait! And to think I agreed to help them the very day they asked."

Dlanor: "Bureaucratic matters require time."

Erika: "So, if I understand correctly, this time I'll only talk to this contact and no one else?"

Rokudou: "That is correct, milady, and I took the liberty to set an appointment. We are to meet with this man in a police station close to the crime scene in about two hours from now."

Erika: "How disappointing, and here I was hoping to see our dear superintendent-general again."

Rokudou: "I fear he still bears ill will against you, milady..."

Erika: "My my... what do you think, Dlanor? Isn't that man exaggeratedly hot-tempered and touchy? He has no reason to still hold a grudge after all this time. *giggle* *giggle*"

Dlanor: "..."

Erika: "At any rate this arrangement is actually convenient for myself. I don't have any wish to deal with all those unrefined and clumsy policemen again. This time I'll act and move completely alone. Oh... I mean without anyone except you, Dlanor."

Rokudou: "Milady, you'll be followed everywhere by an officer. The man that will be your contact won't simply act as a liaison between you and the investigation team, he'll also act as your personal bodyguard."

Erika: "Is that so? What a bother..."

Rokudou: "I think it would be advisable to maintain a cooperative relationship with this man. You'll be together for almost the entirety of the upcoming days. It would benefit everyone if you became friends."

Erika: "Friends?! Please, Rokudou, I need no friend, and I most certainly won't befriend a dimwitted cop."

Rokudou: "I think you should at the very least give him a chance. You didn't even meet yet."

Erika: "If he's like the rest of his coworkers, I seriously doubt we'll get along."

Rokudou: "This time it will be different. I've been assured that he's a very accommodating man."

Erika: "He better be, if he wants to deal with me."

Rokudou: "Milady... can I have your word that you'll refrain from causing problems to this person? I'd feel a lot more at ease knowing that you are left in the care of someone that doesn't wish to hurt you."

Erika: "Ah ha ha ha! Oh, I suppose you have a point! That's most likely to happen and it probably wouldn't be pretty."

Rokudou: "Unfortunately my duties tie me to this place, I won't be able to assist you as much as I wish, but I intend to bring and serve your tea every day as usual."

Erika: "That's right, I almost forgot. Did you make the necessary arrangements?"

Rokudou: "Of course, milady. The best room of the most renown hotel in the area has been already reserved on your name."

Erika: "Good."

Rokudou: "So, do I have your word?"

Erika: "I promise that I'll try my best."

Naturally my best at being considerate of others isn't much different from the worst of any normal person, but there's no point in being too specific.

Erika: "So, are we ready to go?"


The meeting room is almost as bad as how the police station looked from outside. There are a few cracks on the white and bare walls, I'm not sure when was the last time they cleaned it, and overall it completely lacks in style. There's a cheap table in the middle made of plastic coated plywood, it's painted so to appear like solid wood, but it's not fooling anyone. The windows aren't letting enough light flow inside, and that adds to the general bleakness of the room.
I think that one could easily improve the atmosphere with just a few touches here and there without crossing the limits of a commoner's budget, but I suppose only and idiot would expect to find aesthetic sensibility in a policeman.
The man that's been waiting here for our arrival is a lot younger than I expected, I suppose he's a new recruit. He doesn't seem particularly smart or dumb, but I can tell he's still wet behind the ears at a first glance. He probably doesn't know what he's getting into, else he wouldn't show half the enthusiasm he greets us with.

Satsukawa: "I'm very pleased to meet you, my name is Keiji Satsukawa. I'm an assistant inspector from the MPD's criminal investigation section, and I've been appointed as your escort and liaison with the rest of the team. From now on I'll be in your care."

Erika: "The pleasure is mine, Satsukawa-san. As you've been already informed, I'm Erika Furudo, the great detective. My skills and talents are at your service."

I accompany my words with an elegant curtsy. It seems that my gesture caused the young officer to blush slightly.

Satsukawa: "Ah, and this must be Dlanor. Rokudou-san told me that you're always together, inseparable."

Dlanor: "Pleased to meet you."

Satsukawa: "Pleased to meet you, Dlanor-chan!"

Rokudou: "We've talked profusely by phone before, but this is the first time we meet in person. Allow me to introduce myself again, I am Gorou Rokudou, please take good care of this young lady."

Satsukawa: "I will. Furudo-san is in capable hands, you can rest easy."

Erika: "Erika is fine. I fancy being called by my first name, honorifics are unnecessary."

Satsukawa: "Oh, perfect! In that case you can call me..."

Erika: "I think I'll address you as Satsukawa-san, I have no intention of becoming your buddy. Also, I'd appreciate if you'd refrain from acting so friendly with my Dlanor in the future."

Satsukawa: "Uh... I see... I didn't mean to disrespect... please forgive me."

Dlanor: "No harm has been done."

Satsukawa: "Maybe... we didn't exactly start with the right foot..."

Erika: "On the contrary. Rokudou was right, you're completely different from the other guys I've met from your department. I think we'll get along just fine."

That's right, I don't think I'll have any problems in dealing with this guy. My words seem to have restored his confidence and he quickly recovers his smile.

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