Friday, December 30, 2011

Witches & Woodlands 3.5

Warning for Umineko Chiru Episode 8 spoiler

Two long years have passed since the day
Witches & Woodlands was released
for the first time.
A lot has happened from back then and
now I'm proud to announce the ultimate
release of this successful fanwork:

Umineko no naku koro ni: Akaki Shinjitsu wa USO DA!!
Witches & Woodlands 3.5

Download the patch from here:


Or here:


(leave a comment if the links are broken, I will try to find a solution asap)

Remember that this is only fully compatible with
Umineko no naku koro ni - Episode 8

Now the file is 131 megabyte, so while you wait
for the download to end, please take a bit of your
time to READ this post until the end.
But first, the usual screenshots:

There are two things you need to know about this patch:

The first is that extra music will be available if you
set the directories in a certain way. Two are the conditions for
that to happen:

1) A copy of Umineko EP4 must be installed under the same
directory where your Umineko EP8 main directory is.
2) The main directory of Umineko4, must
be named: "Umineko4".

This has been tested on Windows and on Mac OS.
If you set everything correctly, the last music in the
Music Selection screen will be "Discode" instead of "Byakumu"

Music apart absolutely nothing will change if you can't make this
work for any reasons.

The second thing you need to know is that if you
really, really, really... don't want to replay the whole
main story, you don't have to.

There is a very small, barely visible, button in the bottom
left corner of the main menu. click on it and confirm
your decision, in order to unlock the "????".

No further automatic unlocking is possible, but the "????"
and the "Tea Party" are so short that you can skip
them very quickly using CTRL.

For anything else, please refer to the "Read ME.txt" included
inside the directory of the patch. It's there for a reason.


 That means I don't have any projects about creating
new Umineko related content.
However this doesn't mean this will be the last
entry of my blog.

I expect that typo and bugs will be found even after
all the testing and proofreading that has been
done. So I'll probably release a fix in the future.

If you notice any bug, typo, or any kind of odd behavior,
please report it.

Additionally, while I won't work anymore on this project
there are other people that are working to make
Witches & Woodlands an even better experience.

For quite some time Immblueversion has been working on
a voiced patch of Witches & Woodlands.
The work is proceeding slowly but steadily.
As soon as his project is finished I'll make an
announcement on this blog.

I've been contacted by other people each with their own idea.
I'll take this chance to publicly state that I'll give permission
for any kind of project you have in mind. In fact you don't
really need my permission. I'd be an hypocrit if I demanded
that. It's not like I've ever asked any persmission to 07th Expansion...

That being said, it is still my wish that you tell me about
whatever project you are starting regarding
Witches & Woodlands
but that's simply because I'm interested in knowing that.

So if you plan to, for example, translate Witches & Woodlands in
another language, let me know!

Lastly, while I have said that I don't intend to create
any other Umineko related fanwork, that doesn't mean
I won't create anything else in general.

I have really enjoyed creating this Visual Novel and I
plan to create more in the future. I'm still not
sure what I'll end up doing next, but something
surely will come. I'll just be on hiatus for a while
and in the meantime, who knows? Maybe I'll start
doing yonkoma about Higanbana.
That really depends on how much I'll enjoy that,
I'm still waiting for it to be translated.


This project has been realized with the hard
work of many people. All this was done
out of pure passion without any expectation
for any kind of compensation.

But there is still a way for you to show your
appreciation to me and to everyone else that
contributed to render Witches & Woodlands what
it is today: spread the word!

If you really enjoyed this work, then talk about it
to the Umineko community you belong.

Also, you can spend a bit of your time to
register on vndb and vote for Witches & Woodlands
on this page:

Wait after you have unlocked all that you can unlock
and give me your honest opinion, following the site's guidlenes.

This is my only selfish request.

Thank you!