Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coming Soon!

Jessica: Hey mom, "W&W - Part2" rocks, you gotta see it!
Natsuhi: Shouldn't you worry more about your studies?
Jessica: But mom, even dad has a part in it!
Natsuhi: What, really?
Jessica: Actually that's very small, but what matters is that there will be a new Game Master!
Natsuhi: Didn't I tell you to stop talking slangs? What's this Gummasta thing?
Jessica: And it will be a lot looooooooooooooooooooooooonger than the first!
George: Battler will play as a normal player!
Battler: I like swords!
Jessica: And then there will be... stakes!
Natsuhi: Stakes? Which stakes?
Dlanor: The trial of the seven sisters of PURGATORY!
Maria: I'm gonna catch 'em all!
Jessica: And there will be riddles, memory games, numbers, labyrinths, fierce fights...
Battler: Maria will own Erika!
Erika: Blasphemy! That will never happen!
Jessica: and then Kyrie will pop up and say: "Batlleeeeer... use the chessboard thinkiiiing!"
Battler: My chessboard thinking rocks!
Erika: No! You're doing it wrong!
Jessica: Erika will tell Battler that she loves him!
Erika: No I won't!
Jessica: Yes you will!
Battler: Where's Ronove when I need him?
Jessica: And at the end of the trial: TADAAAA! We'll fight against Beatrice!
Beatrice: Yes, my turn will finally come!
Beatrice: About DAMN time...
Maria: Uu! There will be a huuuuuuuge plot twist!
Erika: Really? I don't remember any plot twist!
Jessica: And then Kumasawa, Gohda, 410, 45, Shannon, Kinzo, Kanon!
Erika: Do you need to mention people that get... ONE line in the whole story?!
Jessica: Sheesh! When you advertise your stuff you don't mention trivial details!
Dlanor: Of course Battler won't disappoint ME.
Jessica: Dlanor, you still need to pay for that fourth wall your broke. That stuff is not cheap!
Natsuhi: My headache.... is killing me......

Kinzo: Soon? How much soon? I'm bored! I want to play it right now!
Beatrice: Don't get your hopes too high, when you see "coming soon" you read it "work in progress".
Kinzo: Meh... I just hope it won't take as long as Duke Nukem Forever.
Beatrice: ....
Beatrice: Are you still waiting for that?! You're gonna die of old age before....
Beatrice: Never mind...

Kinzo learned to stop worrying and love the bomb!
But the bomb loved someone else...

You know when your significant other incinerates you...
it's probably a sign it's time to break up...