Sunday, May 27, 2012

Prologue (a)


There is no choice without consequences
This is the consequence of a choice you have made

What usually wakes you up in the morning? Is it the hateful chime of an alarm clock? I suppose that at least half of the world would answer "yes" to that question.
It is quite depressing if you think about it; it means that for half of humanity each day starts with a sound they hate.
When you hear that monotonous "beep beep", you want to stop it that badly that even the desire to keep sleeping under your cozy and warm sheets is no match for it. But I guess that's the very purpose of an alarm clock in the first place.
Still... it sucks...
If you are lucky, then there's someone close to you that wakes you up gently and kindly. Surely when you were still a little child, your mother or your father used to take that role.
They still do? Well... being young and spoiled sure is nice... but it can get even better.
Can you think of anything sweeter than being woken up by a kiss from the person you love? Perhaps after she carefully prepared a wonderful breakfast?
Damn! How nice... but I couldn't even dream of something like that!
No, who am I trying to kid? To be honest... I've been dreaming of that a lot, and that makes waking up an even more dreadful experience.
But I digress! If you were one of those anime, manga, eroge or light novel young male characters, then you would probably have a little sister or a childhood friend that would gladly kick you out of your bed each day.
That doesn't sound very pleasant, but it would certainly be a colorful way to start the day.
Admit it, you wish the first thing in the morning you heard was "onii-chan" said in a cute female voice. And you wish you had a friend so close to you that she wouldn't mind intruding in your bedroom while you are still asleep.
Doesn't that make you feel jealous all of a sudden?
Come on, be honest! Each time you hear the annoying shrill of your alarm clock, it makes you mad!
There's nothing wrong with that! It's perfectly normal and understandable!
Why can't I have a cute little sister?! Why can't I have a cute childhood friend?! Why can't I have a cute girlfriend?!
And as I mentally scream all those questions, my hand sends the alarm clock against the next wall.
Serves you well, you filthy destroyer of dreams!
Damn, you would think that that taught it a lesson! The damn thing just doesn't want to shut up!
I dejectedly raise from my bed. Another day has begun.

To be honest, my life isn't that bad. I have a nice family and while we don't certainly swim in gold, we aren't completely broke either.
I have a younger brother and one older that doesn't want to get out and find his own place, so the apartment is a bit cramped.
I also have a lot of friends, and, despite what I've said earlier, I do have a female childhood friend that I still hang out with.
But don't let that mislead you, she's nothing like the stereotypical character found in anime. I'll tell you more about her later.
By the way, my name is Meito Oda, and I'm an 18 year old high schooler. Sorry for the late introduction, pleased to meet you, I'll be in your care, etcetera, etcetera...
I swallow my omelette in one gulp and I quickly attack the rice bowl with a barrage of chopstick swings.
I hear my mother protesting from the kitchen.

Mom: "Meito, you shouldn't eat that fast first thing in the morning."

Mom: "Meito, if you worry that much about being late for school, wake up earlier."

Mom: "Meito, are you even listening?"

I am listening, Mom, really. It's just that I've been hearing the same things over and over for the past few years. I developed an immunity to those stimulus, they no longer affect me.

Youhei: "Thanks for the food."

My younger brother, Youhei, dispassionately puts down his chopsticks and stands up. If it wasn't for the automatic speech, I wouldn't even have noticed him. Why does he need to be such a robot? His calm and indifferent demeanor really gets on my nerves.

Meito: "Hey, Youhei! Couldn't you act a little more like you are part of this family and not just an occasional passerby?"

Youhei: "I'm going."

Meito: "Hey!"

But before I can add anything, he's already gone.

Meito: "Kh... what the hell is wrong with him?"

Mom: "Leave him be, Meito. Yohei is studying hard and diligently to get admitted to a good high school. He's thinking seriously about his future... unlike you..."

Meito: "He just wants to get load of money and get done with us poor losers!"

Mom: "Don't talk like that, Meito!"

Meito: "Yeah yeah... what about the other brother, the one that is totally useless? Where is he?"

Mom: "He's still sleeping."

Meito: "He hasn't found any job yet? Why don't you tell him to get a grip?!"

Mom: "I keep telling you that, did it ever work?"


Mom: "Besides... it's not his fault. You know how the economy is bad these days, after the lost decade and all..."

Meito: "How longer will he keep making that excuse? Give me one more year and I'll be done studying. Then you'll see how fast I'll get a job!"

I take a slice of bread and stuff my mouth with it. At the same time I get up and I pick my schoolbag up.

Meito: "I'mf foin'..."

Mom: "My my, Meito, finish your breakfast properly before heading out..."

I don't reply, there's no need and I couldn't even if I wanted. Chewing and entire loaf of bread is no joke.
I absentmindedly put on my shoes and open the door, and suddenly I see a finger being thrust to my face at the speed of sound!

Girl: "You're late!"

The surprise attack makes me swallow and my overstretched esophagus sends a storm of pain signals in protest. I double over while repeatedly hitting my chest. I'm almost in tears.

Girl: "How long were you planning of making me wait? Useless man!"

I want to protest and give her a piece of my mind, but right now... I can't...

Girl: "Seriously... what kind of man makes a lady wait that much? You're really the worst!"

Meito: "Good morning to you too! Hitomi!"

Hitomi: "Yeah, yeah... good morning."

My tone was absolutely sarcastic and irritated, but if she read the mood at all, she didn't really let it show.
By the way, this is Hitomi Gotsuji. She is the childhood friend I mentioned earlier, and as you can see... she is truly a sweetheart...
Her apartment is in the same building as mine and we were born on the same year, so we practically grew up together.
I'm a little older, though, I'm 18 already while she's still 17. Not like she cares anyway...
At any rate, we go to the same school and this year we are even in the same class. Which means...

Hitomi: "Here, take my bag and let's get moving. I don't want to be late because of you."

Meito: "Why do I have to be your pack mule again?!"

Hitomi: "Hu-huuuu..."

That mischievous smile sends me a shiver.

Hitomi: "Did you really forget? Do I need to remind you?"

I didn't forget. I just want to pretend that it never happened.


  1. I decided to start writing a story. This is the first post. I plan to update the blog each day with anything new I write (if any). So it'll be almost real time, like watching a work in progress. I hope I won't make too many errors.

    I don't want to spoil much about what kind of story this will be. I will only say: wait the end of the prologue before judging it.

  2. i will wait until the next sunday to start judging it...