Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prologue (d)


The school gates are finally on sight, the Mitsugi institute is in front of me in all of its splendor. I'm exaggerating, of course. This isn't exactly the best high school out there, but with my grades and my family's economic situation, that's the only place where I could get admitted to.

*ding* *ding* *ding*

The distinctive sound of a bicycle's bell reaches my ears. That makes me think that I'd like to commute to school with a bicycle myself. It would be nice, but I suppose it would be a problem considering I need to carry two schoolbags.

*ding* *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding*

And yet, if it was one of those bicycles with a front basket, I suppose it could work. The main problem is the money, my allowance isn't nearly enough.
I could maybe try to get a part time job, but between school and the club I don't really have the time.

*ding* *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding*

Come to think of it, one of my underclassmen in the club owns a bicycle and we worked on it just yesterday. And if I remember correctly it has a bell that sounds exactly like...
Wait... did I just hear people screaming in panic?
I turn around just in time to see the source of the commotion incoming at full speed towards me!

Bicycle girl: "Make way... make way... danger..."

Too late! I can't avoid this, it's going to hit me!
The crash is violent and I end supine on the ground, completely knocked out.
Ouch! I'm hurt all over... and I think I'm feeling some kind of pressure over my body. Something warm... and soft...
Wait... don't tell me that...
When I open my eyes I see my underclassman lying with all of her body over mine. This is a pretty awkward position, but not one I can honestly say I don't find pleasurable at all. Forgive me, Sumomo!

Meito: "Hey, Andou... what the hell are you doing?!"

In the meantime a flock of curious students is gathering around us.
I just hope this won't turn out as the hottest gossip of the year.

Sumomo: "Meito-kun! Andou-san! Are you all right?"

Sumomo is worried about me... she is truly an angel!
My underclassman pushes herself up and looks at me with an emotionless expression.

Junko: "Oda-senpai... good morning..."

Meito: "Don't greet me so casually after crashing on me with a bicycle and while still lying on my body in such an equivocal position!"

The girl that is currently sitting on my stomach is Junko Andou, 16 years. She is an underclassman of mine that I happen to know since we are members of the same club.
The club we are both part of is the so-called "do it yourself club". We manly specialize in repairing domestic appliances and the sort. We have become quite popular and we never get short of samples to practice our skills on. If your rice cooker isn't working anymore, we are your men.
Junko Andou is probably the most brilliant member of our team. She has a natural talent for understanding mechanics and electronics. She could disassemble and reassemble your watch in a few minutes while improving its performance in the process.
She is pretty much a maniac and a perfectionist. If you leave any kind of device in her hands for a few seconds, you can rest assured that she will start tinkering on it trying to improve it.
She is an oddball enough to walk around wearing a tool belt, even during lessons. There's just no way to separate her from that, and I have no doubts she would have a panic attack if you forced her.
The problem is that not always her improvements work the way she wants... and sometimes stuff just breaks apart whereas it was supposed to show a higher performance.
Junko is quite a tiny girl and she would be totally adorable if it wasn't for her cold demeanor. If you can get her to say more than three words in a row you can consider it a success. And on the off chance you can get her to look at you, you will start wondering if she can see through your body as if you were transparent.
That being said, you can only get that impression by looking at her right eye, the left half of her face is constantly covered by her hair. I wonder how can that not bother her.

Hitomi: "Aaah! Look at my schoolbag, it's all dusty! It's all your fault, useless man, take responsibility!"

Meito: "How is it my fault that I got run over?! And show a bit more concern for myself, for crying out loud!"

Junko: "Your fault... I rang... you didn't move..."

Meito: "That's... that's no excuse! Why didn't you brake?!"

Junko finally stands up and starts dusting herself.

Junko: "Improvements... failed..."

Meito: "What, seriously? How could that have affected the brakes?"

Hitomi: "Aah, this is boring! I'm not going to stand here while you geeks start one of your discussions. Sumomo-chan, let's go ahead."

Sumomo: "Are you sure you didn't break anything, Meito-kun?"

Meito: "Yes... yes I'm perfectly fine! There's no need for you to worry. It takes a lot more than that to defeat me! Ha ha ha ha!"

Sumomo: "Well then, I'll go ahead with Hitomi."

Meito: "Later..."

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