Sunday, January 3, 2010

Witches & Woodlands

Warning for Umineko Chiru Episode 5 spoiler

Sorry guys, there won't be any yonkoma this week.
I repeat: no yonkoma!

That is, because to celebrate the recent release of the Witch Hunt patch for EP5 (and secondarily the new year), I have decided to make a fully playable mini story!
You simply need to download 3 files and place them in the Witch Hunt patch directory.
Then you can start the executable and play.
You can find them here:


You can find the most recent release here: (EP8 compatible only)

They won't overwrite anything, don't worry, however as long as they are there there the executable will read them in place of the original files. The package includes a "readme" anyway.

What is Witches & Woodlands?

Basically this story is set on an alternative gameboard on the night of October 4, and the cousins decide to play a Role Playing Game, instead of the usual boring cards.
Inexplicably Erika and Dlanor are also there, but why would you be surprised by anything at this point?

Here are a few screenshots taken from the game:

Well, what are you waiting for? Go play it!
I've put on hold the reading of EP6 for this, you'd better like it!


  1. You are a genius, man. it`s been ages since i last laughed so hard.
    And don´t worry about the gramma, there weren`t many errors anyway.

  2. That was great. For any OSX users, you need to right click then 'Open package' on the application and put the files in the Resources folder.

  3. Ah thank you Tsundere, mind if I'll add that to the readme?

    BTW I'm interested to know if the game automatically shuts down in the end even on other systems.

  4. That made my day (: Great work!

  5. This is beautiful. Thank you so much. ;~;

  6. In mac it shuts up automatically

  7. Have I ever expressed my love for you before this? Simply beautiful work.

  8. Pure awesomness :D
    And yes, it does shut down on my Windows XP

    P.S. I demand a contninuation -_-

  9. Ha ha, maybe... I don't know...
    I was really inspired for this after reading EP5. This idea has been in my mind for a long while, but I wanted to wait for the Witch Hunt translation because (first) I didn't want to release it only for the few who understand japanese and (second) I wanted Erika and Dlanor pattern of speech to be consistent with that.

    Anyway I couldn't help but seeing many situations that reminded me the RPG world. Erika struck me as the perfect example of anything that a player shouldn't do, Dlanor as the classic guy who knows every single rule (even the most obscure ones), Battler golden truth reminded me a joke about Game Masters being always right. The fact that the word "Game Master" kept on appearing in the game itself helped a lot then. The rest came naturally.

    Anyway now I'm reading EP6 maybe I will get new ideas ^^;

    Thank you for all the positive comments, I'm really glad you liked it, and I'm especially happy you think it is not only funny, but beautiful. That's how I wanted it to be, because this story allowed me to look at the characters and their situations from a more relaxing perspective. Even Erika doesn't look so bad here, I'm surprised myself.

  10. It's basically awsome in every way. My only request is for another and for it to be longer.


  11. It was a GREAT work.I want another SOON.

  12. Hilarious ! What a great work ! : O

    Really impressive, please, make it another :p

  13. I would´t mind if instead of a weekly yonkoma we got a monthly umineko fancic like this

  14. Hahaha i laughed to hard :D The golden truth at the end was just pure win :) Awesome!

  15. Uwaaah... no fair for the people who don't have Umineko EP 5...

    XD, Well, I'll save the file anyways. Maybe I'll get it in the future.

  16. I'm thinking about making a youtube video, however that's more for the people who, for some reasons, can't use this patch.

    I don't really recommend to play "Witches & Woodlands" before knowing all that happens in Episode 5.

  17. Great work! It was very funny, especially the scene of battler crying (last screenshot of the post).

    Hope you get inspired with EP6 so we get another project like this.

  18. Actually I was. I have a lot of ideas in mind, though they not necessarily delve too much in the EP6 plot, and yet they still refers to some relevant scenes.

    So now I only need to wait for the Witch Hunt to finish their job, in the meantime I might come up to more jokes to add.

  19. Or you could make another one for episode 5 =) It was pure awesome. It would be great to hold us up untill episode 6 gets translated (which is probably 3-6 months). Maybe a continuation of this one? I know the whole point of USO DA, but i was a little sad the dnd thing didn't reach a conclusion.