Friday, December 25, 2009


Spoiler alert!

The following yonkoma contains
spoilers about Umineko Episode 4


All in one package! And more!


  1. I don't get the "throwing you at wall" reference/joke

  2. In retrospect that was really a hard to get reference, especially for anime only watchers.

    I assume that if you are reading this comment you already noticed and acknowledged the spoiler threat about episode4.

    Basically the Siesta sisters are Maria's ceramic rabbits. This isn't explicitly said anywhere but there is overwhelming evidence in the novel. You can pretty much understand that the same way Sakutaro was born from the lion plush, so the Siestas were born from the ceramic rabbits. This was hinted since Ep3 when 410 and 45 show deference to Maria.

    Originally the ceramic rabbits were 4, but one of them was smashed into a wall by Rosa. As a result the three remaining siestas remember their missing companion "556" that was killed by the "Evil witch".

    1. Actually, der are many of dem (as shown on Battler's wedding), likely as many as chess pcs, since Maria is lonely and Sakutaro is too big to bring to her school, she den brings only 4, dats why only 4(or now 3) well known, den d story as u unfold..

  3. >>Jan Poo

    I think he just wants to know what does "throwing you at wall" means

    As for me, even though I already ran the game (EP1~5) plenty of times, I can't get the joke either

  4. I actually missed that, despite reading (ep 1-4). That makes a lot of sense.
    Thanks Jan.

  5. The people who do get this joke are probably almost only the ones that didn't miss 556's profile in the tips.

    I wouldn't have noticed it either if I hadn't seen someone else mention in.