Friday, December 30, 2011

Witches & Woodlands 3.5

Warning for Umineko Chiru Episode 8 spoiler

Two long years have passed since the day
Witches & Woodlands was released
for the first time.
A lot has happened from back then and
now I'm proud to announce the ultimate
release of this successful fanwork:

Umineko no naku koro ni: Akaki Shinjitsu wa USO DA!!
Witches & Woodlands 3.5

Download the patch from here:


Or here:


(leave a comment if the links are broken, I will try to find a solution asap)

Remember that this is only fully compatible with
Umineko no naku koro ni - Episode 8

Now the file is 131 megabyte, so while you wait
for the download to end, please take a bit of your
time to READ this post until the end.
But first, the usual screenshots:

There are two things you need to know about this patch:

The first is that extra music will be available if you
set the directories in a certain way. Two are the conditions for
that to happen:

1) A copy of Umineko EP4 must be installed under the same
directory where your Umineko EP8 main directory is.
2) The main directory of Umineko4, must
be named: "Umineko4".

This has been tested on Windows and on Mac OS.
If you set everything correctly, the last music in the
Music Selection screen will be "Discode" instead of "Byakumu"

Music apart absolutely nothing will change if you can't make this
work for any reasons.

The second thing you need to know is that if you
really, really, really... don't want to replay the whole
main story, you don't have to.

There is a very small, barely visible, button in the bottom
left corner of the main menu. click on it and confirm
your decision, in order to unlock the "????".

No further automatic unlocking is possible, but the "????"
and the "Tea Party" are so short that you can skip
them very quickly using CTRL.

For anything else, please refer to the "Read ME.txt" included
inside the directory of the patch. It's there for a reason.


 That means I don't have any projects about creating
new Umineko related content.
However this doesn't mean this will be the last
entry of my blog.

I expect that typo and bugs will be found even after
all the testing and proofreading that has been
done. So I'll probably release a fix in the future.

If you notice any bug, typo, or any kind of odd behavior,
please report it.

Additionally, while I won't work anymore on this project
there are other people that are working to make
Witches & Woodlands an even better experience.

For quite some time Immblueversion has been working on
a voiced patch of Witches & Woodlands.
The work is proceeding slowly but steadily.
As soon as his project is finished I'll make an
announcement on this blog.

I've been contacted by other people each with their own idea.
I'll take this chance to publicly state that I'll give permission
for any kind of project you have in mind. In fact you don't
really need my permission. I'd be an hypocrit if I demanded
that. It's not like I've ever asked any persmission to 07th Expansion...

That being said, it is still my wish that you tell me about
whatever project you are starting regarding
Witches & Woodlands
but that's simply because I'm interested in knowing that.

So if you plan to, for example, translate Witches & Woodlands in
another language, let me know!

Lastly, while I have said that I don't intend to create
any other Umineko related fanwork, that doesn't mean
I won't create anything else in general.

I have really enjoyed creating this Visual Novel and I
plan to create more in the future. I'm still not
sure what I'll end up doing next, but something
surely will come. I'll just be on hiatus for a while
and in the meantime, who knows? Maybe I'll start
doing yonkoma about Higanbana.
That really depends on how much I'll enjoy that,
I'm still waiting for it to be translated.


This project has been realized with the hard
work of many people. All this was done
out of pure passion without any expectation
for any kind of compensation.

But there is still a way for you to show your
appreciation to me and to everyone else that
contributed to render Witches & Woodlands what
it is today: spread the word!

If you really enjoyed this work, then talk about it
to the Umineko community you belong.

Also, you can spend a bit of your time to
register on vndb and vote for Witches & Woodlands
on this page:

Wait after you have unlocked all that you can unlock
and give me your honest opinion, following the site's guidlenes.

This is my only selfish request.

Thank you!


  1. Thank you very much! For me, it is the best New Year present I could think of.

  2. This is just amazing, this is the best (alright, second best to dont hurt Kinjo feelings) parody I have seen in a long time. A lot of scenes were amazingly done, just looking at all the small details you added to it I can sense you really worked hard on it. And god damn those new shiny sprites, in special casual Dlannor.

  3. haha, well played, a great Doujin dude, good choice of the last song, i wished 07 had used 4 the ending but oh well, hope to see more jobs of you, any kind xd

  4. oh, and i remembered, i know u had said beore when someone ask if you could tell them how to use on-scriper, and you say that they should go to X page of Y blog, i put that on google and found the no longer in use or something... so...any other way to find a tutorial or something that tell you ho to use on-scripter?, sry 4 the trouble

  5. I got alerted by Comodo Antivirus:

  6. I'll inquire on the issue as fast as I can. I have avast antivirus and it didn't notice anything. In the meantime, I remind everyone that the executable is merely an interpreter. If you want to be sure, download another onscripter-en from Uncle Mion's site:

    If this isn't a false positive, please accept my apology, but if it isn't it must a pretty sneaky trojan, since neither I nor the proofreaders noticed anything.

    But it's also possible that the virus is in your PC so double check that.

    I asked Kinjo and he provided another link for his guide:

  7. Okay I submitted the original onscripter-en from uncle Mion's site to virustotal and the report is exactly the same

    additionally the executable in the witch hunt patch is the same.

    This is most probably a false positive. But I'll ask Uncle Mion to be sure.

  8. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!! I'm having a problem with the ????? portion of the game...when I get to the scene where it says to choose a slice, the game closes itself. Is there a way I can fix this?

  9. Edit: Never mind, fixed the problem by clicking fast...either that or disabling the sound.

  10. that's odd, it must be a problem with the sound file that is supposed to play on that particular instance. May I ask what system you are playing on, and if you are using a different interpreter than the one I provided?

  11. Using Windows 7, and I don't think I am; I downloaded the patch straight from your page. Unless it has something to do with the Umineko 8 files I already have.

  12. there are other "custom" sound files in the ???? (you'll know when you'll hear them) if those don't give any problem than it's probably an isolated case, maybe a corruption of some sort. Maybe redownloading the patch can fix it, honestly I don't know... I tested this on Windows7 and Windows XP myself, and Thomas tested it on Mac.
    Only heaven knows why these things happen...

  13. I really am an idiot...realised that I put the patch on my Umineko7 file instead of Umineko8! My sincerest apologies for wasting your time and thanks for making an epic game. Moved my file and it works like a charm!

  14. Ha ha ha, it's all right ^^ enjoy the game!
    And this wasn't completely pointless. I guess that this confirms that the main story works without problem on EP7.

  15. Thanks ^^ And it does work on 7 for the most part, only minor problems I encountered were very few music files not playing, some ???? scenes not showing up (although the words did), and tiny glitches with the Tips menu.

  16. I would have replied earlier if I wasn't asleep.

    What I meant earlier wasn't to claim that the executable has a trojan or anything else like it.
    Sorry if you got the wrong impression.

    What I meant was just to inform you that Comodo warns the user about it.

    It seems it asks for too much authority, which I think might be the reason for the false positive.

    I didn't get the same message from any of the Witch Hunt patches.

  17. Eh, thanx for the clarification. I'd feel terribly guilty if I were to distribute an infected file. And as far as I know it could happen without me even noticing. That's why I kinda freaked out.

  18. First off, I'd like to thank you for amazing work on this project. It's completely hilarious and incredibly well-done.

    I can't wait to read more, but for some reason I can't get any of the music to play. The sprites (including the new ones) and text show up just fine, but I get no music at all. I did exactly as the readme directed, and the USO DA folder is right inside the Umineko8 folder. Do you have any idea what might be causing this problem? I'm using Windows 7, and running as admin doesn't help.

  19. No music at all is definitely strange.

    Let me understand better the problem you're having. Are you talking about the music selection screen that comes after you finish the tea party, or is it that you don't hear any music during the main story? If it's the latter, it's not a problem of setting the directories in their right place, there must be some kind of more basic problem. Do you hear any sound at all? From the main menu selection screen you are supposed to hear the sound of the sea and seagulls. I'm trying to guess while I'm practically blind here, but try to right-click on the speaker icon of your windows bar and open the volume mixer while W&W is running. See how the volume is set.

  20. Oh, wow. I must've pressed 'M' by mistake both times I installed it, and muted it by accident. Never mind! No problem at all, just operator error. =) Now off to read it!

  21. Thank you so much for Umineko Akaki shinjitsu wa USO DA!! Witches & Woodlands 3.5 - it is very well made and it is very funny game. No problems occurred at all. I hope, you will work again on another (perhaps Umineko) projects - it would be a shame not to :P Again, thanks a lot!


    I get this error, I can't save or exit out of it.

  23. that's strange. I have replicated the error by changing the property of "gloval.sav" to "write only". But why would that file in your pc be set on "write only"? If you have Windows7 go to c:\ProgramData\UminekoU rightclick -> property on "gloval.sav" and check that it isn't set on "write only". If you have XP then check under "c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\UminekoU\

    If this isn't the problem then it's something else that prevents onscripter from writing on that file. This might also be caused by an antivirus or a firewall.

  24. Well, thanks. I managed to fix it. I can save now. Which means I can actually play it right. Hooray.

  25. Also, for anyone trying to solve the riddle.
    If you already solved it you will notice than Beatrice tips say something really similar, however I still cannot solve it. Is anyone else at this point?

  26. I'm also curious about that. Are anon-kun and Kinjo really the only ones that are trying to solve it? Or the only ones that even noticed it? :3

  27. Can't get in... it's all useless... I just ended up with a headache after trying to open/solve it :D
    btw I can't see any hint in Beatos character profile O___o or do you mean somewhere else, anon-kun?

    I also thank you for making such wonderfully funny game and for creating the whole USO DA yonkomas :D Umineko community definitely needs more parodies X))

  28. I thank Jan of course xD

  29. >Anonymous
    Try what I did. Print it and cut it in squares.
    It should be easy that way

  30. Oh by the way, I found this picture from Ougon very related:

  31. There's a fanfic thread on the Umineko board of Animesuki now. If you wish to discuss about the riddle, that's probably a good place to do that.

    I'd say here, if there was a spoiler tag to use, but since there isn't, it's better not to give hints here in the public comments.

  32. I am now reading this and I love it! I am currently in Belphegor's trial :D I've just made a pause because I've been reading a lot (and I've burnt my brains thinking in Mammon's trial XD) so I need some rest. But I can't wait to keep on reading!

    You guys really did a wonderful job! And I also have to recognise that you were able to create this sticking to the characters personalities! It's as if R07 had written it himself.

    I can see you have put a lot of hard work in this, not only with the writing, but also with the graphics! The new clothes/armor are awesome :D And I utterly loved Real life Dlanor XD ♥

    There's a lot I'd like to say, but well, better save it for when I finish reading it all.

    Oh, and before I go, I will spread the word of this awesome work you've done guys! I've got some friends that will surely like this :D

    You've got all my encouragement to keep on doing things like this! They are truly enjoyable.

  33. Ah - so this time has finally come. I love the Umineko fandom, and I've always loved yonkoma and the funny, but amazingly well-thought out and moving adventure that is Witches and Woodlands. This final version seals things, perhaps - but never will they be forgotten.


    This works absolutely wonderfully, and thank you for creating it. Even if you decide not to do yonkoma for Higanbana, perhaps at some point in the future, you might decide to write tea parties or create a new gameboard for us all to enjoy; but wherever you may go next, it has been a pleasure and an honor following along with you. If anything, you've made this person happy! And people who create good gameboards truly earn the title of Witch/Sorcerer, do they not?

    All the best,


  34. I'm not sure if this has already been reported but, one day I started up USO DA to listen to Umineko music and all of my data was gone(saves, unlockables). This only happened with USO DA none of the witch hunt patches.

  35. I.. I didn't know such a masterpiece like this exist. Only follow Witch Hunt's update and didn't keep with the up-to-date fandom news due to IRL that's getting busy.

    I've just finished reading it (I guess I was lucky to play the "full" version in one go without any wait, LOL) and its just awesome on so many level. Thank you very much for bringing another clever, well executed and enjoyable game board. Rest assured for I will tell every fans Umineko I know about this game board you have created.

  36. I really love this. I've been playing it a lot since yesterday, and after seeing all of the little character designs, I'm thinking about cosplaying paladin Erika xD Thank you for making this <3

  37. If you will really cosplay as Paladin Erika you must let me see a picture! :3

    1. When I do, I'll be sure to link you a copy. ^^

  38. btw I can't find any hint for the extra's treasure chest +_+ is it unlockable? can you sent the hint or password to my email? (you can see my email on my blogger profile page)

  39. It's been discussed and solved on animesuki. I think it's better if you follow what has been discussed there, you might be able to get it step by step.
    The link is here:
    If you just want to jump directly to the password, click here:
    and look at step 8.

  40. Thanks for making Witches and Woodlands, I enjoyed it a lot. The 3rd trial was my favourite, and it was a lot of fun to solve the last two problems. Obviously I took more than 5 minutes on them, and had to use writing a bit for the final problem.

    There was a riddle hidden somewhere in the final release? I must have missed it completely, so going to go and look for it now.

  41. I must say since i read all of umineko, i have had a bit of a void without it. This helped fill that, it was on the same quality and different in its own right. 10/10

    I would suggest making your own novels, you've got the talent.

  42. Thank you for making Witches and Woodlands! It's a real masterpiece and I hope someone translates it to japanese so Ryukishi can read it~

    My only complaint about this fangame is Jessica's new "shocked face". What the hell is wrong with her eyes? They have no glint and the pupils' position make her look... cross-eyed ;_;

  43. ^ Gohda's eyes too.

    Aside from that, I loooooove this! Thank you very much for your hard work! This is sooo meta!

  44. I'm trying to get this but the download link is down!

    1. Mediafire decided to put restrictions on the files available for distribution, and apparently they don't like encrypted packages. So I uploaded the patch into another cloud. "" seems promising, but I don't know much about it. Let me know if there are any problems.

    2. That worked for me. Thanks!

    3. Wow, Jan Poo ... I've only played up to the solving of the gold puzzle so far, but I must say, this game is incredible!

      Someone said this was on the same level as Umineko, but I actually think it's better written! (perhaps partially due to being originally written in English and not being diluted through translation) And without a doubt the humor is much funnier than any work of Ryukishi's that I've read.

      I hope you keep making these. You have a real talent for this. This is better than almost every visual novel I've ever read, and I've read quite a lot!

  45. So... I had to forcibly unlock everything in order to see the music selection screen.

    I didn't WANT to unlock everything before I played, but I also wanted to make sure everything was correctly set for the extra music.

    Now I have the "cluttered" main screen that I didn't "accomplish".

    Is there ANY WAY to reset my progress and have the game think that I'm just starting out?

    1. Scratch that. I found it out by searching for a solution as if I were playing the main game.
      I just had to delete the UminekoU folder in my program data.

    2. Oh... my god... this is gold.

      I'm totally going to steal this campaign.

  46. So, the comments above probably already say this N times over, but

    I am enjoying reading W&W very, very much. Hence, I have all the love in the world for you right now.

    Rock on~

  47. I breezed through this novel in 1 day. That's how good it was. Thank you so much for this!

  48. Could you make a W&W version using PS3 sprites from Umineko Tweak Chiru?

  49. The one who made the Umineko tweak actually wanted to do that himself, but in the end he abandoned the idea because it would miss the custom portraits.

    Such project would require an artist capable of making custom portraits on the same level of the ps3 ones, and willing to work on that for free.

  50. Just played this for the first time, i REALLY liked it but... i'm not a fan of having one character be the butt of every joke, especially when it's the only character with common sense. It's a magnificent fan novel, and i thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles/the character interaction, but there is too much hate directed towards Erika. It only made me sympathize with her more and rage at how unfairly she's being treated :(

  51. Still a beautiful masterpiece

  52. What can I say? I loved it back in 2011, and after the reread 8 years later: I still do. Thanks for doing that!