Saturday, September 10, 2011


Spoiler alert!

The following yonkoma contains
spoilers about Umineko Chiru Episode 8

Yes, this is the last "USO DA" yonkoma, with this the series is completed.
What? Did you expect Bernkastel to say "USO DA" in the last panel?
I'm sorry, the witch of miracles couldn't find any kakera where she'd say
that in the end. She assured me there really isn't any. And who are you to deny that?!

Jokes apart I hope you enjoyed the 60+ yonkoma I made so far and I hope
you enjoyed this one as the fitting, unexpected, closure for this series where
Umineko rules and Higurashi memes collide.

This is however just the last of the "Umineko" yonkoma. Nothing says that
I won't make more, for example about Higanbana or who knows what else.
I won't make promises, but you can still hope. And in the off chance that
"Umineko Rei" will introduce a new character... well it could even be
possible that I'll have to make another Umineko USO DA yonkoma
in the end (I hope not, though...).

About Witches & Woodlands, I have already done practically anything that
I wanted to do. The only things that are missing are the new portraits (which
will require just a few changes in the script) and the right click menu character
TIPS. For both of them I'd rather wait until I have the new art ready.
Currently only Monk George, Paladin Erika and Fallen Paladin Erika and are done.
Fighter Battler is half done and only two more portrait sets are missing.
Etrien is currently working on them and so far he's doing a very good job.
So as of now I'm no longer looking for an artist.

Supposing everything will proceed steadily I expect to finish the job
before Witch Hunt releases their patch or around that time.
However I still wish to release the final product after Umineko is fully translated
because there will be EP8 spoilers, some of them are pretty heavy.


  1. This is certainly one of the best. A fitting conclusion.

  2. thank you for the conclusion, now i can't wait for the continuation of Witches & Woodlands

  3. well, withc hunt released their patch 2 days ago xD

  4. Bern's face on the last panel is pretty. I wanna take her home with me~

  5. I'd forgive her :P