Saturday, August 20, 2011

Forgotten Love

Spoiler alert!

The following yonkoma contains
spoilers about Umineko Chiru Episode 8



Okay people, it's been a long time since my last post, but the truth is I have already
done all the remaining USO DA yonkoma for a while. In my original plans I wanted
to wait until the full translation of EP8, but I decided to start anyway.

This is the first and fortunately it only spoils events that have been
already translated in the current Witch Hunt patch, so it's all right.
Next week, however, there will be a yonkoma about a character that only
appears in "Tsubasa" and in one of the two still untranslated stories no less...
I think I'll just provide a short summary of that one, so you can get the
general idea; without that you won't really appreciate the joke.
The week after, the yonkoma will be about a very HUGE SPOILER that you
learn at the very end of EP8. That can't be helped. I'm sorry for those
who still haven't read EP8 and somehow managed to not spoil themselves
already, but I'm going to post it anyway.
Finally it'll be the time for the elusive Bernkastel's yonkoma and that
will definitely close the series once and for all! Please don't be sad...
I'm not even sure if I should tag that as an EP8 spoiler or not...
Its content could be seen as a spoiler by some... but even then it'd be very minor.

Now let's talk about more important stuff.
For the past months I've been working on a new polished release of W&W.
This new release will include a lot of new small contents, but I'm not
going to ruin you the surprise. Or that's what I'd like to say because
circumstances give me no choice but to spoil at least one of them.
Well... images work better than a thousand words so have a look
at these:

That's right! New artwork! What you've just seen are Paladin Erika and
Fighter Battler. The artist who made them is Genji from seacats.
Unfortunately I still need more: Monk George and Rogue Jessica at the very least.
This is why I'm making this announcement: I need an artist who can finish the job.
I posted the two pictures above so you can have a general idea of the quality I'm
expecting. I need the new artworks to be as close as possible as the
originals. Only bodies are necessary, the heads will be copypasted over them.
If you think you can take the job or you know someone who might, please
contact me. Do not start drawing already, there's a lot of things that I must
tell you first about how I need the new art to be done.

It's a very short job! I need the new art... I can't finish my job without it...
And if I can't finish my job, you won't get the new shiny release! Come on!
I'm getting desperate here...
(still won't accept your artworks if they are too different from Ryuukishi's style)


  1. A new W&W ?
    That's awesome! Can't wait to read it!
    Greeting from France.

  2. Not exactly, it's more like a restyling of the old story with the addition of some new content.

  3. Genji came here, huh.