Monday, January 17, 2011

Witches & Woodlands Part 3

Warning for Umineko Chiru Episode 6 spoiler

You've been waiting for this for a LONG time!
And now... it's here! Finally!

Witches & Woodlands - Part 3

The breathtaking fantasy saga that sees
our favorite Umineko characters as protagonists
is finally reaching a conclusion!

Will our heroes survive the last four trials?
Will they finally meet Beatrice?
And what will the plot twist that
was promised 6 months ago be?

All the questions will be answered in this
last patch! So what are you waiting for?
Download it from here:


There is a more recent version of Witches & Woodlands you can find here:

Only download the previous if you don't possess
Umineko Episode8 and don't plan to buy it.

This patch is compatible with EP6, EP7 and EP8
(Part 1 and Part 2 are included)

Just install it the way you always did for
the "witch hunt" patches, or the past W&W patch,
you shouldn't have any problem.

And now a few screenshots from the game, which
of course won't reveal anything relevant.

Jessica: Okay mom, this isn't hard to play. You just need to click the mouse.
Natsuhi: Why am I doing this...
Jessica: Because it's great! The ending's my favorite part!
Erika: Wait a sec... you said that I'd tell Battler that I loved him, when does that happen?!
Jessica: What are you talking about? You did that in Part 2 already!
Erika: When?!
Jessica: I feel a little sorry for you... Battler will break your heart in Part 3 when he'll refuse to kiss you...
Erika: I never asked him to do so!
Jessica: But then you'll finally find your soul mate during the final showdown!
Erika: I'm seriously going to kill you...
Dlanor: Miss Erika perhaps you need a HINT.
Erika: I don't need to reason about Jessica's delusions!
Jessica: Hey Dlanor, so when will you pay for that fourth wall? I'm still waiting for the money...
Kinzo: Aaaaaaah!!! It's here! It's here! It's finally here!
Beatrice: Are you happy now?
Kinzo: No... where's Duke Nukem Forever?! Why it hasn't been released yet?!
Beatrice: ............
Battler: At least we have a release date now...
Erika: In before: "sorry the release date will be postponed".
Kinzo: Aaaaah! Duke Nukem Forever! Why you keep on escaping meeeee?!!! Duke Nukem Foreveeeeeer!!!
Jessica: Let's just play W&W... okay...?


  1. Kero~ :3
    That really made my day. Thanks. :D

  2. Why are there no quotation marks?

  3. Beato laughing in tune to the music.


  4. Jan-Poo, I am really impressed by your work on this. Many parts made me laugh.

    Well done. ^^

  5. Jessica opens the chest
    The elephant is inside!

    While i rofl-ed several times I found that Satan's trial was a bit repetitive and too long.
    Everything else was amazing, expecially the plot twist (that caught me totally off-guard).
    However I must say a thing: Erika as a power player lacks experience.
    I mean everybody knows that any melee build NEEDS blind fighting.
    Put a blindfold on girl, and rely on that feat to mitigate the penality.

  6. It's very good. I laughed HARD at THAT limit break. Some part is a bit dragged on, but it has some clever twist and maintained Umineko atmosphere. Somehow it clarify some aspects of the real game for me.

    Another think I like about it is that you have never made Battler too stupid. He is like his canon counterpart: average man, not bright but not an idiot.

    Thank you for your good work. Hope that you will continue it if the next When they Cry is out...

  7. Note to self: "if you get bored at making it, it will probably be boring for the readers as well".

    Yeah I guess Satan's trial was a bit boring. And that's what caused the major delay on this third part. But I felt like I couldn't really make it to short, since it was supposed to be a dungeon and all, I needed to make at least 10 encounters. I tried to compensate adding various gags. For some reasons the "Fearsome Lion" part cracks me up every time I play it, even if by now I should get used to it...

    Oh and yeah if Erika or Dlanor had Blindfight that would have messed Beatrice's plans I guess. But Dlanor spent all of her feats for Banish Undead and Dual Wielding combat. And Erika is just a douche.

  8. The fans of The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy have the 42. Now, we will have the 18!

  9. I thought the pointless length of the dungeon crawl was part of the joke.

  10. Hahaha, my timing is amazing. I found out about W&W via TVTropes a few months back and watched the first part on Youtube, but I didn't have time to watch it all at the time so I favourited it to come back to later. That "later" ended up being today.
    It may have completely ruined any chance of me getting anything done today, but I think it was well worth it. This is honestly one of the best fan-pieces I've ever seen. So much thought went into the story and the characters acted almost exactly how R07 would have had them act (except when it was funny :D). I really look forward to any future works you do, especially if they're on this level. Well done.
    You should really get someone to translate this into Japanese so R07 can read it himself :3

  11. I loved it, but the dungeon crawl really was very tiring. Even if you had cut off half of the "Name takes/heals XXX damage", it would have still felt too long. It felt like the story got to an excellent start with the very funny 4th trial, but then lost steam in the dungeon. The 5th trial jokes in the trial were great though, and helped mitigate the boredom of the endless battles, battle animations and running through identical looking sewers. It also reminded me why I don't play that type of RPGs anymore.

    Was the shooting an arrow through someone's foot a reference to some specific story? I know I've seen similar in Order of the Stick, but not sure if it was first done somewhere else.

  12. You got it right, it's a reference to the Order of the Stick.

  13. one question, does witches-woodlands 3 comes with part 1 and 2?

  14. Yep, they are all in one package and in this version several typo and bugs have been fixed.

  15. will there be a sequel?

  16. There was some things that really bothered me. "many HP"? "damages"?

    HP and damage is like water: You can't say how many of them are, like saying "five waters" sounds ridiculous.

  17. You're right about damages, it should go singular. But HP stands for "Hit Points" that should be correct.

    And no, there won't be a sequel to W&W, but... let's say this is not the last release...

  18. that is good news, i will be waiting for your release, take your time.

  19. "But HP stands for "Hit Points" that should be correct."

    Well... It might be correct, but at least to me "I don't have much HP left", for example, sounds a lot better than something like "I don't have many HP left"

  20. It seems I have a problem.. It's my first time installing it. I placed the folder similar to WitchHunt's. I see the menu, which includes 1-3 but once I started reading, I see the words but the screen remains black..

  21. @kanyaku That means the game sees the custom graphics but not the the graphics of the basic game. There must be an error in the install. Check again that the directory is placed in the correct position.

  22. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

    This is both hilarious and brilliantly written - you emulated Ryuu07's writing style perfectly, from the silly cameos to the long analogic explanations to the crazy plot twists. And I still can't figure out how you thought up the riddle for the final question in Mammon's trial. It completely blew my mind.

    Great job, and I hope you make more! =D

  23. This was awesomness itself !

  24. slowclap.gif
    You've outdone yourself. Thank you.

    Any estimate on part 3's upload to Youtube? I wish to share this with my friends even if they aren't cool enough to play the game.

  25. I will probably start uploading the videos of EP3 starting from next month (not sure when exactly though).

  26. hilarious, waiting any kind of release u give us
    the dungeon took lik forever, but was funny the lion part, i almost die of laught xD
    a wanna how ???trial could have begun and end
    question; why so many hp and money but no one level up or buy any kind of item?
    wanna see cornelia and gertrude xD
    see ya next time

  27. Excellent job on the entire thing. I was giggling almost the entire way.

    My only complaint was the way it ended:
    Basically, the good guys just blatantly cheated in the end to beat a perfectly legit character.
    I was expecting something totally genius against them, not "Neener-neener, we're all cheating with the dice rolls and you can't do anything about it".

  28. What a cheap way to win.Poor Erika kero.
    Anyway great job.I was a bit dissapointed by the end though.

  29. That was GREAT.

    Please, continue with the story.
    I can't wait to read their next adventure.

  30. "Basically, the good guys just blatantly cheated in the end to beat a perfectly legit character."

    But it was said in Gold, "Beatrice isn't cheating."

    (And lets face it, as the GM she totally had the right to screw over a player that was doing their best to ruin the game)

  31. Hmmm let me clarify one thing: Erika's character wasn't legit. If Erika didn't cheat in the first place by getting all those "18", Dlanor would have won in the end. In other words what goes around comes around.

  32. Awesome, thanks a bunch! It's probably the best fan-made material related to visual novels. Keep up the good work!

  33. I've just finished it - a truly superb piece of work. I really haven't had that much fun with reading since... well, finishing 7th ep, I guess.
    You are a bloody good writer and I'd gladly read more of your texts.
    Jan Poo said: "And no, there won't be a sequel to W&W, but... let's say this is not the last release... "
    I will hold you to it. Anyway, thank you for your work - it was probably the best fanfic I've ever read.

  34. I had a great time reading this, as it's been said before, your writing is similar to 07 and that gave the story a nice feel.

    It's very well written and I had a lot of fun reading it. You should really continue writing this kind of stuff.

    I'll have to join the complains that the dungeon crawl was too long. It wasn't bad, but it could have been shorter, or the attacks and encounters could have benn a bit more of varied, but the gags made it fun anyway. It was like watching someone play an RPG, and thats never as fun as actually playing one.

    I have to praise you too in your management of the Onscripter engine, which was even better in the third part. You sure put a lot of work there, the effects, the music, the expresion, zoom and movement of the charatects, etc. Sometimes I forgot I was playing a fan made story.

    This really should be translated so that japanese audience could reed it and tell their opinions, I believe they surely would find it intresting.

    The partialy concealed joke at the begining of part 3 is hilarous, a shame it's lost for those who haven't resolved the meaning of 07151129.

    And one last thing,

  35. [But it was said in Gold, "Beatrice isn't cheating."]

    Isn't Gold the GM truth? That's like saying "I'm not cheating because I said so". Red would have erased all doubts about their hidden dice rolls. Or Beatrice could have just, y'know, showed the rolls in front of everybody?

    [(And lets face it, as the GM she totally had the right to screw over a player that was doing their best to ruin the game)]

    No she didn't. Being a good GM means having to deal with players fairly, not using their GM powers to basically cheat to victory. Also, it wasn't Erika's stats that made her strong, it was her carefully planned moves with Dlanor that would have led to her victory in the end (had the good guys not decided to cheat to win).

    I just hate it that when it's the bad guys that are cheating, it's considered wrong. But when its the good guys that cheat, it's considered "smart play".

    Anyway, aside from the ending, the entire work was very enjoyable for me.

  36. I have to say, this was the most prominent of a few things that inspired me to try my hand at writing my own tale.

    I do want to ask, though, how much of the original Ep5/6 code did you copy/paste into the W&W 3.5 script to get it into working condition? The character profile/TIPS menu is driving me nuts trying to figure out how that gigantic mass of spaghetti code works.

  37. Rather than copy and pasting, I directly used the EP5 code and edited it. I removed all the in game text and the ending scrolls codes but practically all the rest is still there.

    as for the right click menu I just used the default one I only needed to do a very few edits for that.

  38. I'm a bit confused about the whole monster part.
    Wasn't Beatrice already said to not be a human during Mammon's trial? Something like 'Beatrice can't play my trial, it's for humans only'? Then why is it a big deal to prove Beatrice isn't a human? Or is, or whatever.

    Also, I don't really know much about how the illusion spell works, but in Dlanor's red explanation, doesn't it say the caster can only use it on himself or something?

  39. Well in Witches & Woodlands the concept of "monster" is a little different than in a regular D&D setting. In D&D a "monster" is any creature that is listed in the monster manual... which isn't really a definition. in W&W a "monster" is closer to the most common definition, in other words an hideous scary creature and such. "Human" by other hand both in D&D and W&W only identify the specific race. Elves, dwarves, halflings and gnomes aren't human, but they aren't considered monsters either... generally...
    In W&W witches are neither humans nor monsters.

    As for the DID spell, it was never intended to be "self" only, in fact when George explains how it works he doesn't mention that. But you just made me realize that I made a mistake later when Dlanor quotes the Game Master manual, because she says "on himself". While she didn't say "only" it wasn't supposed to be worded that way. I'm gonna fix it in the next release. Thanx for noticing.