Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coming Soon!

Jessica: Hey mom, "W&W - Part2" rocks, you gotta see it!
Natsuhi: Shouldn't you worry more about your studies?
Jessica: But mom, even dad has a part in it!
Natsuhi: What, really?
Jessica: Actually that's very small, but what matters is that there will be a new Game Master!
Natsuhi: Didn't I tell you to stop talking slangs? What's this Gummasta thing?
Jessica: And it will be a lot looooooooooooooooooooooooonger than the first!
George: Battler will play as a normal player!
Battler: I like swords!
Jessica: And then there will be... stakes!
Natsuhi: Stakes? Which stakes?
Dlanor: The trial of the seven sisters of PURGATORY!
Maria: I'm gonna catch 'em all!
Jessica: And there will be riddles, memory games, numbers, labyrinths, fierce fights...
Battler: Maria will own Erika!
Erika: Blasphemy! That will never happen!
Jessica: and then Kyrie will pop up and say: "Batlleeeeer... use the chessboard thinkiiiing!"
Battler: My chessboard thinking rocks!
Erika: No! You're doing it wrong!
Jessica: Erika will tell Battler that she loves him!
Erika: No I won't!
Jessica: Yes you will!
Battler: Where's Ronove when I need him?
Jessica: And at the end of the trial: TADAAAA! We'll fight against Beatrice!
Beatrice: Yes, my turn will finally come!
Beatrice: About DAMN time...
Maria: Uu! There will be a huuuuuuuge plot twist!
Erika: Really? I don't remember any plot twist!
Jessica: And then Kumasawa, Gohda, 410, 45, Shannon, Kinzo, Kanon!
Erika: Do you need to mention people that get... ONE line in the whole story?!
Jessica: Sheesh! When you advertise your stuff you don't mention trivial details!
Dlanor: Of course Battler won't disappoint ME.
Jessica: Dlanor, you still need to pay for that fourth wall your broke. That stuff is not cheap!
Natsuhi: My headache.... is killing me......

Kinzo: Soon? How much soon? I'm bored! I want to play it right now!
Beatrice: Don't get your hopes too high, when you see "coming soon" you read it "work in progress".
Kinzo: Meh... I just hope it won't take as long as Duke Nukem Forever.
Beatrice: ....
Beatrice: Are you still waiting for that?! You're gonna die of old age before....
Beatrice: Never mind...

Kinzo learned to stop worrying and love the bomb!
But the bomb loved someone else...

You know when your significant other incinerates you...
it's probably a sign it's time to break up...


  1. this line:
    "Battler: I like swords!"
    made me remember this:

    I'm really looking forward to this, good luck.

  2. A few technical details:

    1) The Game is indeed long, right now it's about 7 times W&W Part 1, and I'm just a little past the half.
    2) Right click menu will be fully functional and Save states should work.
    3) The patch will include Part 1 (there will be a starting menu)
    4) There will be a lot of custom and edited graphics.
    5) Enhanced programming skills! You'll see things that you've never seen in the official story. You'll decide if that's good or not.

  3. Please escort your companion Kinzo to the Rokkenjima Emergency Intelligence Boiler Room.


  4. Yeah; I can't wait. You just made my day today! The first W&W rocked; I'm so exicted for part 2 :D

  5. Awesome! Can't wait! ^_^

    Oh BTW, isn't the last part sorta spoilers for certain people?

  6. " "Battler: I like swords!" made me remember this: ..."
    More like a reference to the famous pixel comic 8-Bit-Theater and its stupid hero Fighter. Really clever... was laughing really hard reading this.

    Can't wait to see whole story.

  7. OH DESIRE...

    I want yesterday if at all possible.

  8. Ah! Someone got it! "I like swords" is indeed a reference to 8-bit theater.
    So if you understand that reference you also understand which job/class Battler is going to play

  9. Will he get sword-chucks?

  10. Man, you know, I'm lurking everyday checking if you already done this... First part was totally awesome, so I'm losing patience slowly. I can't tell if I waited more for translating EP 6 or for second part of W&W ^^'

    If it possible, could you describe when it will see daylight? Well, I know that questions like this can be really frustrating; but it shouldn't pain if you say ,,probably in month" or something like that.

    I hope there will be some Red Mage action ^^

  11. Well, as of today (3-09-10) Duke Nukem Forever has been confirmed, isn't that hilarus?