Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Witches & Woodlands Part 2

Warning for Umineko Chiru Episode 5 spoiler

Rejoice! Witches & Woodlands - Part 2 is here!
Unfortunately this is only the first half of what I originally intended to release.
But look at the bright side, it's still longer than Part 1
and there will be a Part 3 in the future!

The reason I decided to split this patch is due to the fact
I realized I couldn't finish the whole thing in the nearest future.
Saturday I'm going on a vacation and then I'll be glued to my PC
trying to translate EP7.
That means you won't see me for a long while. This is also
why I decided to release W&W2 on this unusual day.
In case there are some real bad bugs that prevent the game
from working, I want to be here to fix them. So if you
notice something like that, be sure to tell me asap because
from the 7 to the 17 you'll be on your own.

But I guess you just want to download the stuff, okay, okay!
you can download it from here:

EDIT: get the updated patch instead

Note that this is only compatible with EP6.
That's because while I was working on it, I realized that without
noticing I made the characters act in certain ways that remind
things that they have only done in EP6. So I don't recommend
to play this game if you haven't played EP6 first. Even though
there isn't really any direct spoiler regarding that.

For non windows users: be sure to get an updated interpreter
since I've been told that some texts do not display correctly
with older versions.

As for the installation, if you install this patch the way you
always did for the "witch hunt" patches, you should have no

And now a few screenshots from the game, so you can
get a (wrong) idea of what you should expect!

Will the six heroes survive this first part
of the trial of the seven sisters of Purgatory?
If you have a doubt you are probably not a great detective.

I mean, come on, I already told you there's going to be a Part 3!


  1. That... was ingenious! I loved interactive part, and I have no words for the last one (in a good way). There was only one or two grammar errors, which were really minor.

  2. SomeGuyWithBadLuckAugust 6, 2010 at 3:59 AM

    Can you upload this to megaupload?
    For some reason the link does not work for me...

  3. Done. There are now two different links to the file.

  4. Ahhh thank youuu Jan Poo, You just saved this witch from utter boredom the most terrifying thing that can happen to us witches... *cacklecacklecackle*
    Like a certain golden witch said "ITS PERFECTO!!!"

    (And Anyways THANKS for this uber great parody and Good luck on TL ep 7 ^^)

  5. That was awesome! The memory game was cool and the number challenge was really interesting too. Thank you for making something so enjoyable; I'm looking forward to the next part :)

  6. Just finished playing. That wasn't what I was expecting but it was really good. Can't wait for part 3.

  7. Just a heads up, at where Battler is trying to visualize the 64, there's a typo "I do am trying". Not finished playing (thought I'd write this down while I was playing through before I forgot), but so far so awesome.

  8. There were some grammatical errors, but they did nothing to detract from the overall storyline. Just one small recommendation: please put quotations around the characters' text, even though this story is (if not all) mostly dialogue. The trials, especially Mammon's, were constructed very nicely.

    Thank you very much!

  9. That. Was. Amazing.

    Especially the Extra! OOOH DESIRE!!! >v<
    I can't wait for Part 3!

  10. I usually don't comment on stuff, but... DAMN. This plot had me on edge at all times - to say I loved it would be an understatement. Congrats on making an epic side-storyline. Definitely can't wait for part 3!

  11. Oooh, that was great! W&W1 was really and absolutely nothing in compare with this one. First part was old but really good joke, second part was nice example of potentiality of Onscripter engine and last part was good for thinking thought the last one was too hard for me to do it in my mind... well I don't have a such good imagination as Battler. :) But that twisted chessboard thinking was really epic. :) And epilog made me really ROFL. Only think that made me regret that I read W&W2 is that I have to wait for third part. :D

    (sorry for my poor english)

  12. Aaah! I'm finally back! thank you everyone for your comments! I really enjoy reading what people think about what I write. I will be back on Part3 as fast as possible, promise! And a good part of it is already done so it shouldn't take that much, definitely not as much as Part2 did!

  13. Hi, I gave my friend the last riddle and they answered with 16241128, because "kind" can be interpreted as odd and even numbers, rather than two different digits.

  14. You mean "16241138" right?

    I admit "kind" was somewhat ambiguous but your friend should have imagined that "odd and even" wasn't the right interpretation.

    "Among the central four, there are only two different kind"

    this wouldn't even be a hint, if that was the case.

  15. This deserves a santding ovation. I really enjoyed reading it, somehow it keeps the spirit of the real umineko story. Can't wait for the next part.

  16. I can only see the text. The sprites, background, and music don't work for me. I use Windows 7 and installed it by extracting the files into the Umineko 6 folder.

    Can you help? :<

    I read the first one on youtube though. It's HILARIOUS. Good job, I loved it!

  17. Nevermind, I fixed it.

  18. I've finish it!
    This new episode was really awesome. The first test with Asmo make me laught, the answers was really fun ^0^; and Erika is just like always the best *giggle*.
    I'm looking forwaerd for the episode 3 ^^

    And thanks for your work!

  19. Hey, Jan Poo-san, any news on ep 3? I've been dying to hear news about it, since no one seems to be asking about it, Im just being curious to its status ^^ since Im dying to see ep 3 too... Though Im not rushing you or anything, any news on it will be just fine ^^

  20. Not many news, I'm sorry. I have to confess to you all that I'm a very lazy person. You think Witch Hunt is slow? If it were made by me, it'll take 4 years each episode. I hate that side of myself. I predicted I would finish part 3 in a month or so a month ago, and I fear I won't be able to live up to that expectation. But I will finish it, I promise! And don't be afraid to tell me that I must get a move, I'm the kind of person that needs to be told that...

  21. Just finished the second part.

    Man, you are a genius.

    This project might need a bit of polishing (like quotations and typo fixes), but even so, it is a true masterpiece.

    Good luck with Part 3! ^^

  22. You definitely need a move on!

    You feel like there some pressure and you don't really want to work on it? Too much to do?

    The solution is simple Jan Poo! Try to work on it a half-hour each day.

    - A loyal fan of your work.

  23. Yes, looking forward to the 'daily' Uso Da yonkoma & the surprising & awesome W & W. .__.

  24. Daily? they never been daily. Only weekly sadly enough.

  25. Satan's trial is finally finished...

    It's been the most tiresome so far.

  26. The second part was truly a masterpiece.
    I can't wait to see the third part and I wish you good luck to finish the part 3 !

  27. How much is left before the release?

  28. I can't tell for sure, but not anytime soon. I'm working on it, though, almost every day for the last two weeks, and I'll keep working until I'm finished.

  29. While solving last riddle of Mammon's trial, I came up with a rather different answer than the real one. It was 56111534:
    5+6+1+1 = 13;
    1+5+3+4 = 13;
    6+1+1+1 = 9;
    Triplets aren't twins;
    6 and 1s in central four.

    Also, I loved the whole second part - it was a visible improvement from the first. And I found it funny that you used proud-dust better than the original did.
    Good luck working at the third part; is it going to be the last or are you preparing a surprise for us?

  30. Ugh.. Hmmm... so the definition of "twin" is strictly related to a pair? How do you call your brother in case of a triplet or quadruplet? My "triplet brother"? And yet checking at the only dictionary it does only mention "two" in the definition of "twin".

    The corresponding word in my original language is not limited to any particular number, and I assumed that was the same in english. So this is probably a bad mistake from my part. I guess I'll have to fix that somehow.

    Anyway W&W will be indeed the last part of W&W.
    But that doesn't mean I won't make anything else after that.

  31. It's good to hear that you are working on it a little each day.

    Don't worry about the twin thing. It's a minor mistake that even a native English speaker could make.

    BTW, what is your native tongue?

  32. Italian, like Beatrice, FEAR ME!

  33. "Among the eight digits only one kind has twins."

    You can probably fix this by changing twins to duplicates or copies. Even though duplicate also originally means double, it's definitely used colloquially to refer to any number of copies.

    (Just using "copies" works as well, but I could see some people discovering other creative interpretations of that word, whereas "duplicates" is more to the point.)

    Either way, just finished reading all this and I thought it was fantastic!! :) You did a great job at not only keeping the characters incredibly true to themselves, but also at constructing a genuinely interesting narrative.

    5/5 for this game master. Would play again.

    Now I'm eagerly awaiting the third installment. ;)

  34. I wasn't expecting much out of this to begin with, but it turned out to be actually pretty awesome. The characters were in character, the writing style was great, and it had excellent use of logic. I'll definitely be looking forward to part three.

    Even though I don't care for pen and paper RPGs.

  35. I did mammon's final question and got a totally different answer, which still fits all the rules, but I have to say I do like your answer better, as 'that' number shows up ingame too :D
    27133127 fits all the rules
    abcdefg=only one number is repeated (3)
    c,d,e,f= only two diff numbers
    d+e+f+g=9 four conseq numbers
    a,b,c,d=no higher than 7

    I actually started by turning the chessboard around, since the first four digits can't be higher than 7, then one of them must be 7 XD