Friday, July 16, 2010

A true masterpiece

Spoiler alert!

The following yonkoma contains
spoilers about Umineko Chiru Episode 6



  1. lol I have been waiting for ep6 ones but the extra one is so damn good.

  2. Heh, Hachijo deserved that. Shannon and Kanon one is funny too.

    Btw, do you consider Featherine as the same character as Hachijo? Or there will be a strip for her too? How about the 2 new Beatrices?

    Also, I hope you don't bear hard feelings for me due to our discussion in the Animesuki forum. I know I was a bit too arrogant, but I am not good at being polite. As you may have noticed I am a great fan of your 4koma.
    (I also suck in writing short comments, sorry)

  3. Don't worry Heatth you're by no means more "arrogant" than I can be... Discussions sometimes require people to be assertive to make them worthwhile.

    About Featherinne and Hachijo I still haven't decided yet. They do have different names, appearances and roles, but for what concern personality they are practically the same. If I get a good idea about Featherinne that would settle it, but so far nothing came up.

    As for the two Beatrice I have no plans right now. I might change my mind if they appear again in EP7 (which I doubt).

    I will definitely do one for each of the trap demons, even though... they are practically the same being...

  4. Suit Beatrice is the same as old Beatrice and probably won't show really show again. Moetrice, however, has a completely different personality and do not seem to have vanished by the end of EP6, so the changes of we seeing her again are hight. Also, she does, technically, have a different sprite. =P

    Anyway, looking forward the love demons. Aside Featherine they are the the only new characters left right? Too bad Ep6 had so few of then (4 new character, being 2 almost the same the other 2).

  5. Please excuse my fail, but who's Tanaka-san?

  6. No one, it's just a name I chose randomly, apparently it's the name of the culprit in Hachijo's last novel (which I just made up). It's not really important who he is.

  7. Tanaka like...
    Atsuko Tanaka ? ;p

    No, it's not really important who she is ^o^

  8. Can anyone tell me the source of the Kanon/Jessica image? I sort of recognized the author, but could not find it anywhere (although I cannot use Pixiv).