Friday, April 9, 2010

What really matters

Spoiler alert!

The following yonkoma contains
spoilers about Umineko Episode 4


  1. Uu- We will miss it.

    wow I can't to read Bern one. and also the playable thing was great

    Have a nice day

  2. Just a thought, but maybe the theme of "USO DA" in the last koma became a limitation itself? Maybe future 4-komas should not be restricted to "USO DA"...

    That's only a thought though, and yes that would deny the purpose of this site too, but oh well.

  3. That is sad I will miss these 4-koma. Maybe you could start repeating characters? =P

    Anyway, this mean you've never repeated a character right? It is really impressive. Maybe it is why it is still so good. Since it pretty much force you to rotate characters, it avoid getting to repetetive.

    Still, if you ever have a good idea you shouldn't refrain yourself from posting it. After all, you may have tought an idea with a character you 'waste' in earlier strips (specialy ideas with the newer episodes).

    Oh, well, it is a pitty to know that there are just a few more (I doubt there will be introduced that many more characters), but every good thing must end someday. I will look foryard the next strips.

  4. There is actually one character that got two of them: George. That's the only time when I got an idea that I really wanted to realize, but I posted it as an "extra".

    Then there's Eva who got to say "USO DA" twice, one with her younger self and another with Shannon, but that is supposed to be Shannon's yonkoma regardless.

  5. I will hope you get more 'ideas that you really want to realize' them, since I really like these 4-koma.

    About the extra Gerge strip, it was the 'only if he is hot' one? It is indeed very good.

    Also, technically Eve had said 'USO DA' four times already, since EVA-Beatriche is her youngself(kinda). A record? =P

  6. That is the saddest comment ever. It was nice to look forward to these each week =(.

    We do appreciate you not posting the 3 new ones until the English translation of Ep 6 comes out.

    I look forward to your woodland & witches patch. That was pretty enjoyable. Like I earlier i wish it would have continued beyond. I like the interaction between the Cousins, Erika, and Dleannor.

    Also the Red and Blue battle was awesome concerning the DND rules. If there are any request, i hope for another red and blue battle in the next one.

  7. I feel like saying 'USO DA!!' myself...

    But hey, there was no red in the ANNOUNCEMENT article, so...

  8. I think your labels are wrong. It says "umineko USO DA what really matters Goat kun Vigilia mackerel curry" which only allows an exact match. You need to separate the tags with commas.

  9. damn, all this time I've never noticed that...

  10. Hi, just dropping by to say you spelled 'Virgilia' wrong in the tags. Also, there is no other strip under the 'goat kun' tag, despite other strip with one of then existing. (the other tag is 'goat-kun')