Friday, March 12, 2010

The missing rule

Spoiler alert!

The following yonkoma contains
spoilers about Umineko Chiru Episode 5

Did you ever notice this?
They aren't called seven sisters of purgatory for nothing


  1. lol poor Dlanor.

    Yes that 5th knoz is misterious.

    I know then when 07-san will show it to us it will destroy all (or almost all) our teories. so please don't hurry him.

  2. the 5th rule is actually about chinaman, which is kinda irrelevant to the story..or not?

    the chinaman term itself refers to this character:

  3. That's the 5th rule in the original Knox decalogue. But the one in umineko is slightly different and the 5th rule is labeled as "missing".

  4. Still no new 4-koma? I am getting worried here :S

  5. Great picture at the end. It made me feel bad for Dlanor.

    Do you think they will ever reveal an actual 5th rule in Umineko to fill in the chinaman rule, or will it be left empty?