Friday, November 27, 2009

Mistaken Love

Spoiler alert!

The following yonkoma contains
spoilers about Umineko Episode 3



  1. Hoh? DId I miss that one or isn't that posted on AS yet? xDD
    Poor Beato xDDD and Shannon doesn't seem to like BL xDD

  2. Yeah I haven't had time to post it on AS. I'm insanely busy at the moment and I know that if I only step on that forum I'm gonna spend at least two hours on it. I can't afford it right now... ; ;

    And yeah poor Beato, But somehow I feel worse for Virgilia XD

  3. You know... you should have put Kumasawa there rather then Virgilia... peeple will make the connection and it will look even more hillarious.

  4. Lol at Virgilia! XD
    The power of macka- I mean love shines forth!

    I had the same expression as Shannon when I saw that fan art o.o

  5. How would Kumasawa make more sense? Her old name wasn't confirmed to be "Beatrice"... if anything it'd just be more confusing. ^^;

    This yonkoma is funny. X3

  6. @anonymous above^ Kumasawa is supposedly the real world version of Virgilia it is hinted in the tips in the game and was clearly shown in ep 2 of the game, and virgilia was the "old" beatrice